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Why Kpop Idols Don't Make Money

why kpop idols don't make money. 1122020 At the end of the day the K-pop music industry is all about profit. However this negatively affects both the popular and the not-so-popular groups as the popular group loses the opportunity to make 30000 while the not-so-popular group never see the true profit of.

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I assure you it is not anything like a normal professional job.

Why kpop idols don't make money. So while agencies take care of the upfront cost the price ultimately falls on the idols themselves. 1422019 Why Kpop Idols Dont Make Money - Duration. 1822021 The idol doesnt mind investing in her outfits.

2542021 Exactly he literally gives stupid and nonsensical rumors unwanted attention. She has been spotted in a Vetements jacket worth US4000 and even made headlines for. 1162019 This is why album sales and digital sales usually dont earn idols a lot of money especially female idols who only holds the singing rights to their songs as their songs are almost always written by someone else since the profits have to first be applied to paying for the promotions and all types of costs then split for the composer lyricist and company before the income can even be split amongst the group itself.

Also there was very little transparency in how much they owned. However that money is eventually deducted from the idols paycheck when the company pays them. Sulli Jonghyun Goo Hara all of these idols show that the kpop industry is too much for anyone.

But money is not the biggest issue. A lot of people dont actually watch the videos as you stated. They do make alot of money its just that they dont make that much money at the start of their careers bc of debt debt is the amount that has been spent on them by the company in order to train them well and after they debut for an year or two they dont get.

942021 According to the Moon Clinic director good K-Pop companies make the initial payment for each idols plastic surgery. The reason why some are hesitant to appear on music shows is due to the low viewership ratings. 3032021 In fact most Kpop trainees dont actually know how much their yearly bill is due to a lack of transparency from the Kpop entertainment companies.

Passing out cold on stage is a common occurance in kpop. A lot of people only read the titles might say mostly children and spread wrong information. 1242021 Park even said in an interview that I dont need my artists to make money because I can make money myself showcasing his dedication to growing his labels reported Koreaboo.

Companies trap hopeful artists in confining contracts in order to exploit them and make money. This was one of the major issues related to some TVXQ members whose contract was estimated to be 10 years. See thats why these type of clickbait titles just shouldnt be a thing.

Its actually really difficult to make money. 1012020 After their debut as idols they will also have to bear the costs of their outfits stylists makeup recording of their albums production of music videos etc. If you dont generate enough.

1322020 Even successful acts have to continue working to pay off all the debt incurred during training and the new debt that builds up when youre an idol. 2042020 Here is the list of 10 Kpop idols who get more hate in the Korean Pop industry whether they deserve or not and the reasons whether sensible or not. The workflow within the K-pop industry puts a major strain on idols health due to the extensive training program they go through in order to debut.

Prince Mak says that an average rookie K-pop idol group earns about USD4000 per show more if overseas which is then broken down to a 9010 split between the company and the artist. This means that many idols dont earn an income until paying off their debt which could take years. Because of such circumstances the agency would accept the 15000 gig and take most of the profit while the idol group members are left with crumbs.

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