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Why Kpop Idols Don't Have Beard

why kpop idols don't have beard. 202086 Why do most kpop idols look fugly with facial hair. In korea they found man more attractive when they are clean shave so that is the reason most of korean are clean shave.

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Ive never seen male idols with beard or hairy chest.

Why kpop idols don't have beard. Most idols dont have facial hair because its been known that a clean face has a more approachable and friendly look. 202087 No amount of grooming can save some hair growth patterns. 20191126 There have even been instances of K-Pop idols fainting on stage which many fans believe might be a result of the fact that many idols are told to heavily restrict their food to keep a slim figure and have to spend hours practicing their dance moves until theyre flawless.

It might not be for everyone but the majority of the fans are teenagers and they often havent met many people with facial hair. These days all kpop idols use autotune. They have lots of make up and their style is kinda too feminin and girly.

But J-Hope wore a mask once during a long interview to hide the fact that he forgot to shave his face. 20201213 They dont necessarily have the same need or kind of flower boy aesthetics like idols so they are more likely to get a pass. They do have facial hair they just shave to achieve more of a clean more ideal look.

We need diversity lots of asian korean particularly man also has hairy in face and. 202146 The members of BTS havent said anything about being disallowed from growing facial hair to sustain their youthful K-Pop image. Discussion in K-POP started by SailorVenus Aug 6 2020.

Rather than full beards. Ergo K-Pop men dont have to have beards or be super jacked although they can be to be considered manly. By this I mean they hate how they dress they hate how they take care of themselves skin care they hate how they do not have a muscular posture they hate how they do not have beards and the list goes on.

Granted trainees and rising performers dont really have time for a second job but even if they want to have another source of income theyre not allowed to because its against the rules. The reason why is because they believe some of the contestants dont exactly look like idols in the conventional sense. Yes kpop idols use autotune in their songs because the producers mix this.

Its rare that you see a Korean man walking around with a full grown beard and if they indeed are rocking one it probably took them. 2015820 Its rare to see idols with facial hair but there are always the standouts who decide to push the norm. K-pop Male Idols with Beards.

Heres some idols who rocked the bearded look. Its becoming more normal. Why Dont Korean People Have Beards.

2017118 Whether youre the furriest of bears or the most polished of twinkle-toed twinks. 20201212 Actually usually when I see someone with a full beard I just assume its because they dont have a jawline. The boys have also talked about their almost non-existent mustache and beards before.

Just recently South Koreans and Chinese netizens alike have been somewhat confused over some of the contestants that are appearing on Youth With You. Koreans cant grow facial hair. 202086 People say K-pop dont have beards because of genetics but most Korean in the past grow it Discussion in K-POP started by ThenewbieofKpop Aug 6 2020.

From funny mustaches to grizzly beards find out if your bias every grew out his facial hair. This video is private. And its normal for them to use makeup also like making ur skin clean doesnt a crime lol and not considered them a gay Now the main.

To avoid this cancel and. Also Koreans generally think a beard looks ugly or they dont like men who have hairy beards. Dont be mean I have a beard without a beard I look about 15 48 xenojed Aug 6.

A lot of them probably dont get a chance to even practice beard. Fx s Amber has also proven that women dont need to have long hair and feminine clothes to be beautiful either. Also theres picking a beard style that complements their faces.

Whether you can grow the burliest of beards for Movember or become the smoothest of Kpop stars it all doesnt. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. Do Kpop Idols Use Autotune.

My friends and I always joke that beards are makeup for men who dont have. So long as it dont come out all patchy. Even western idols use.

2016119 Why kpop male idols looks like a girl. Youll be surprised what your favorite idols look like in our new list of 20 Male Idols Youve Probably Never Seen With Facial Hair Before. Indians do not hate kpop or BTS they hate the concept of having popularity for something they are not aware of.

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