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Kpop Male Idols With Double Eyelids

kpop male idols with double eyelids. 1692020 Hyungwon has every feature passing the Korean beauty standards. 15102020 Bae Jinyoung is known as the male idol with the smallest face in the industry.

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And theres also Sohee from Wonder Girls and Ga In from BEG they both dont have double eyelids.

Kpop male idols with double eyelids. Check out these idols who absolutely rock their monolids. Small face double-eyelids fair complex small nose huge eyes and V-line jaw. And were sure a lot of K-Pop idols come to mind when dealing with this subject as most of them have been trending as the number one idols within South Korea based on the brand reputation index data.

These days most K-Pop idols have double eyelids and many have monolids. They are also called Monolid Goddess and Monolid Boss They totally smash the stereotype that someone must have double eyelids to be pretty. Yeji received a lot of attention when she debuted with the group ITZY last February.

Super Junior s Kyuhyun has also openly admitted to receiving the surgery. Female Kpop idols that erased the beauty standards of small face and double eyelids Yeji Jennie and Seulgi are famous for the beauty that is different from Kpops standard. In his blog the plastic surgeon selected three idols with the most beautiful double-eyelids.

Seungwus face was made for magazines and the big screen. 3112017 Actually Heize has one double and mono but she uses some type of double eyelid tape to make it look symmetrical and even 6 multifandom_3 Jan 30 2017 persona1418 Rookie. 21102020 Wonwoo has stunning monolids.

IZONE Kim Min Ju. K-Pop idols are commonly known to undergo the procedure its the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in Asia and even the former South Korean President has done it. On top of that he has full lips double eyelids a v-shaped jaw straight eyebrows and a.

I think its CL who has monolids. Your browser does not support video. While K-Pop visuals usually tended to have only idols with double-eyelids back in the earlier days the latest trend seems to be idols who have amazing visuals without double-eyelids.

However these idols prove that monolids are just as charming as double eyelids. 1112020 November 1st 2020. Xiumin EXO Xiumins big doll eyes give him a cutesy appearance.

To top it off she has an infectious smile. His left eye with the double eyelid has an innocent adorable mood. 2712014 well I dont know if that counts but Kikwang has mismatched eyelids on the left side he has double eyelid and on the left single eyelid I think its cool Share this post.

In the K-pop industry idols with big eyes and double eyelids tend to be viewed as being more in line with South Korean beauty standards. Yes and theyre all quite popular and successful too. However compared to other visual idols Hyungwon is less popular and barely made it to ranking with best visuals.

Both eyes give wildly different vibes. Dahyuns monolids are arguably some of the most iconic among all idols because they match her tofu nickname so well. But did you know theres also such a thing as triple eyelidslids with two folds instead of one.

Just take a look at the unique beauty of these five stars eyes. The round face and single eyelids make them even more attractive. Red Velvet s Seulgi was called SM Entertainments first ever monolid female idol on the broadcast.

2212021 BEST 3 Female Idols With Gorgeous Double-Eyelids. The idol has left eye has a deep double eyelid which his right eye has a monolid. I dont think there are that many male idols with monolids and most of them have double eyelids Please share with me the handsome male idols with monolids ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know roughly Jin Ong Seongwoo Got7-Jinyoung V though Im not sure if he counts as having monolids or double eyelids and Yook Sungjae.

26112020 BTSs V has captured the hearts of fans with his sharp attractive pair of eyes. Red Velvets Seulgi SHINees Onew EXOs Xiumin. Your browser does not support video.

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